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Insurance Management System  

Follow up of the employee’s status in the social insurance committee concerning the insurance of the company’s working employees & the terminated employees, record of the company’s branches & territories if exists, also record of the related insurance offices throughout recording the name & the number of the organization in the insurance record, also record its branch’s employees, also record & extract for the form no.1 for the hired employee including all employee’s detailed information, also record & extract for the form no.2 of the company’s insurance and sending it annually to the committee to notify it with the existing employee’s information. Also extracting form no. 6 with the terminated employees and recording of the detailed information about the employee’s health insurance, also recording of the insurance value for the fixed & variable salaries of the company & employee also recording of the payments of the social insurance with the aim of comparing the paid & unpaid amounts to extract the insurance specification. And finally the ability to connect & integrate with the payroll module to calculate the insurance.


- The insurance module aims to follow up of the social insurance committee concerning the insurance of the company’s working employees & the terminated employees that are still registered in the committee during the current period.

- Recording & extracting of the forms (e.g. form 1 hiring a new employee, form 2 insurance form for all company’s working employees and form 6 terminating an employee).

- Recording of the health insurance and relating it with social insurance.

- Following up & extracting of an insurance report including the comparison between the employee’s basic & variable salaries and the differentiation between them.

- Following up & extracting of a report about the company’s insured and non insured working employees.

- Auditing of the insurance payments on the different organization’s branches for all related insurance offices.


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