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Checks Management System  

Record and code of the organization’s banks, debit & credit accounts, beneficiaries and the related tax authority with recording & following up of the detailed information of release notes on the base of invoices in order to follow up and extract 41 form for withholding taxes of vendors. Also following up of the checks in, design the printed check according to the form of banks, following up of the bill of exchange for the credit accounts and recording the checks in & bill of exchange from the debit accounts with following up of its different payments and its status whether it’s paid fully, reversed and unpaid according to the receipt date, deposit date or due date.


- Recording & following up of checks & bill of exchange for the organization.

- The availability of printing checks from the system according to the bank’s form without need to write it manually.

- Following up of checks in & out throughout identifying the status of it whether it is paid, unpaid & reversed checks.

- Following up of promissory notes and connecting it with the tax authorities.

- Following up of total vendor’s treatment according to the form no. 41.


Available Versions


- Oracle

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