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Credit Management System

Recording, following up & auditing of the detailed information for the checks in by multi currencies with evaluating it in the local currency, extracting a report of the checks package of 40 check according to the required due dates in order to deposit it in the organization’s banks and recording of the daily transaction for all types of checks starting with insurance checks, guarantee checks and others with extracting the daily report of the paid, reversed and bank statement certification, also extracting a report of the total checks & deposits on different levels besides creating & posting all vouchers from sub models into the general ledger module .


- Following up the accrued checks in banks paid checks & returned checks upon sales or sales branch basis.

- Following up the checks package of 40 check according to due date & commission.

- Following up total paid checks upon authority level.

- Following up daily summary of all paid & returned checks.

- Following up bank approvals report & deposits upon sales branch & area level.

- Following up total sum for the bulk checks forms


Available Version

- Oracle

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