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Customs Management System

This module aims to follow up of auditing materials or final product’s balances in the organizations located in free zones related to the ministry of investment, follow up of the importing & exporting transactions & values, issuing of the import & export authorizations from inside & outside the countries, also following up & issuing of the subcontracting authorizations.


- Controlling on the balances of raw materials or finished products in the organizations located in free zones related to the ministry of investment.

- Issuing of the import & export authorizations for the different local & imported materials.

- Issuing of the subcontracting authorizations & authorizations of the subcontracting returns according to the forms of ministry of investment.

- Follow up of the importing, exporting & subcontracting transactions.

- Inquiring about the values of the imports & exports.

- Calculation of the consumption & scrapes of different materials which uses in producing finished products.

- Calculation of the value for the local & foreign authorizations.


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